Thursday, September 29

Amazing stuff!

I am amazed--I can post right off the Blogger app from my iPod touch?!

Even post photos right off it?

...yet even with all this technology, homo sapien still isn't happy. And we never will be truly happy until we eradicate sin from our hearts, although some may choose to drown themselves in the transient pleasures of drugs, drinking, or suchlike. Not recommended!

Chickenly news: Alice the Buff Laced Polish has been missing again. For the past two days. I just hope the racoons didn't get her!
I sold two Silkie pullets last week on Craigslist. Anyone want a cockerel? Three left!

Small ruminant news: the ewes are looking good, despite the numerous burrs which lodge in their fuzzy hair coat. My parents think it looks so bad, but the lambs don't stand still long enough for me to get them out. Goaty-boy is thriving as usual. Still a perky kid, though he is getting big.

I shall post more later; and perhaps I will actually put my new farm blog up.
I have been looking at the website for Thomas Aquinas College today, just for fun, and it looks amazing! I sort of want to be a veternarian but a real classical Liberal Arts education would be a great thing. No one can ever take away your learning, afterall.

Farewell, blog-readers of mine heart!
Random screenshots, and burrs in the sheep's fur:

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