Thursday, September 22

i've got good news......

......and bad news.

Good news: my mother found my long-lost (long story) iPod touch! Extremely exciting!!!

Bad news: why would you care if I have my iTouch back or not? It has nothing to do with you, as I am sure you have your own set of problems to deal with. 

Thoughtful quote:

It is strangely absurd to suppose that a million of human beings collected together are not under the same moral laws which bind each of them separately.

~ Thomas Jefferson

We would all love there to be no confining, restrictive rules. And in the beginning, before sin entered the earth, there were no rules (excepting one!). But since there are natural rules, it is better to simply obey the sensible ones as a duty instead of trying to flout everything and live your own way, which is not possible on this corruptible earth, unfortunately. 
That is the foundation of the Constitution in America: working with the way men are naturally, accepting the fact that we are sinful instead of trying to make up new, Utopian and perfect rules, which are easily corrupted by inevitable megalomaniacs.  (Think the French revolution)

 ~ ~ ~ 

Having spoken of the world at large, I will commence to speak of what happens to by on my mind: breeding sheep. I am preoccupied with rams, ewes, ewe lambs, lambs, and suchlike at the moment....I have decided to breed my two ewe lambs at the age of nine months, to lamb at fourteen months old, in lateish April, just as the nutritious spring grasses come into their own. 

Sadie and Amelia at almost seven months old, currently.

Sadie and Amelia at two and a half month old.

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