Sunday, June 27

Silkie chicks....awww, cute!

These are my new babies, from Cj's Silkies in Williamsport, PA.  They are three little pet quality silkies.  This little white one is a Splash. His/her's name is Salt.    The next photo is of Pepper, a black lavender split silkie.  And last but not least, my favorite: Cinnamon! (partridge silkie) (he's on my profile pic)

Blackie's Manicure!

Today we gave Blackie, our calmest girl, a manicure! it's PINK!!! She hasn't noticed yet though.

"Can we come in? Please?"

Ahhhhh....nothing like mulch on a hot day! The girls say "WE LOVE DUSTBATHS!
Several days ago I found the girls all roosting on top of the coop door. Shoo, chickies!

"You mean us?!?"

Saturday, June 26

introducing the girls!

I have at present eight chickens: five pullets and three chicks. This blog is for all the photos I like to take of them, and for random ramblings on their various antics and personalities!

Here are all the girls when they were still chicks.
From left to right: Blackie, black sex-link, Rosie (r.i.p.) rhode island red, Annabel, barred rock, Desdemona and Ophelia, silver laced wyandottes.
At the bottom you can see Mary Lou's (another barred rock, Annabel's sister) head.

Blackie in the flowerbox!!!