Tuesday, December 20

we're not beautiful (warning: long post!)

I feel compelled to debunk the saying that we're all beautiful, at least on the inside. "Be yourself." (True, you should be "yourself", but sometimes it is more important to the do the right thing.) 

What-EVER. *insert snarky teenager voice*

We aren't beautiful....

None of us are.

We are all sinners.

You 're probably thinking, "but I try to be a nice guy/gal" or "I'm not so bad."

But you still do bad things; how many times have you done things you instantly regretted, treated people badly, harbored evil thoughts...the list goes on....

Even thought you probably think of yourself as "basically a good person " you still do bad things all the time.
You're a slave to sin.

You can't help it. Part of you hates it, but it's your first response.

Hey, it isn't your fault.

 No, really. It isn't your fault. To quote Lady Gaga*, you were "born this way." We aren't sinners because we sin, but we sin because we're sinners.

We were born from sinners, our children were/are/will be sinners, and we are sinners. End of story.

 That's pretty much the way it is here on Earth.

I <3 Earth!

I say "pretty much" because

 .....it doesn't have to be.

Think of the most passionate love story imaginable. Now think of the love a mother has for her newborn child. Multiply the intesity of these loves by a thousand.

There is Someone who loves you, not plural you,but you singular: you personally, more than all these. Even though you aren't perfect, like Him.

And this divine love doesn 't ever stop. It is infinite. 

God doesn't love you more because you're a "good person", or less because you aren't. He loves you because He CREATED you! 

You know what? God, who IS love, doesn't care if you are male or female. Black or white. Whether you wear long skirts, jeans, or nothing at all. (But I hope not. O.o)


No matter what you have done in the past,

He is willing to take you and change you into a truly perfect person.

A beautiful person, and a holy person. Without sin. All love; like Himself.

God even loved you personally so much he sent his only son, the only one., to be sacrificed so that we don't have to pay the wages of being sinful: DEATH. 

So that we can become beautiful people, and live forever. (in Paradise, not as a sparkly vampire thank-you-very-much)

Is that beautiful or what?  It doesn't mean you can go on sinning, do whatever you want, live however the heck you want while having a vague idea that God loves you through it all.(which He does)

It means God loves radically, and will change you radically in This isn 't always easy, but it is our destiny.

It is our 

...And that, friends, is what Christmas is all about!

And it is the purpose of the Christian religion.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

*Never thought I'd see the day when I'd quote Gaga on my blog! 

Does using extra large fonts help get my point across? Lol!

auf weidersehn!

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