Wednesday, December 14

*miracle of miracles!* part one

It has happened.


After months of laziness procastination waiting.

My room is clean.  !

*insert Also Sprach Zarathustra opening music, followed by the Hallelujah oratorio by Handel*

My room is clean.

Ignore the bed, please! Hey, at least the floor is clear. 
I shall now retire, leaving behind an aura of wonder as the meaning of my previously spoken sentence sinks into your brain. (See how I can a short sentence and turn it into an incredibly wordy dissertation? It's one of my talents!)

I really wish I knew an interior decorator, as my room's walls are bare as a plucked turkey. (Real tasteful simile, ain't it?) Despite having lived in this house for over three years. Ah....such is life.

I will now leave in certainly, as waxing philosophical may indeed cause your (you, the reader's) brain to overheat and spontaneously combust into ten million thousand shards of tissue matter.....

Or am I over thinking this?

(P.S. I started a Tumblr: Hopeless Unromantic @  Check it out :)

Photos of my clean room will be forthcoming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

...And always remember!

auf weidersehn.

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  1. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! It's a miracle! Oh, and you're invited to my house. ;) My room looks like a tornado blew through it. I like to say that it reflects my state of mind. Siiigh.


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