Friday, November 18


Isn't that a neat picture?  Although if I lived in Galaxy F.F.A. (far, far away) I would definitely be part of the Rebel Alliance, not the Empire.  I've love to fly an X-wing!  I'd put a BYC and Flock On! sheep bumper sticker on the back. Awesomeness.

Sorry, bad photo.
Alright, enough silliness. 
We need to be very serious now. Ronald the Rhode Island Red Rooster commands it.

Seriously, who am I kidding? If you have any post ideas, please leave a comment. :) Danke.

I shall post photos of the bedroom I'm redoing in fuchsia and light green when its done!

I am too exhausted to be serious right now anyway.

Two good bits of pithy advice:

big things, and actually do them.

But most importantly, just Love God, and everything else will work out without your help.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

(I'm very excited 'cause I have 5 followers now! Thank you!)

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