Saturday, November 12

join a blog party? yup...

Okay, so I am going to attempt to join this blog-party thing from Rear Window. (Thanks, Anna Gray of bella vita!)

Did that make sense? Well, just click on the button...

So, I shall start off this by saying that yes, I am indeed an authentic person (meaning a human), not a robot, droid, spammer, troll, schizophrenic, or sparkly vampire. 

About me? 

Just read my profile to the right over there, and you can spare me the trouble of introducing myself. *sarcastic smiley face* (Wow, I am in a vindictive mood! Not good)

I have always wanted to blog. I kept a crafty (knitting, sewing, etc.) blog when I was nine or ten years old, but soon abandoned it for other various pursuits. Then in the spring of 2010, I got 5 chicks, and started a blog titled 'Awesomefowl' with the honorable intention of filling it with photos, obsessions and chronicles about chickens. (you can read the early chicken posts under '2010' in my archives)

Fail. I hadn't updated it in a year when I decided to rename it and just blog about whatever I felt like....hence a new fancy* sounding name, and various rants, rambling, or dissertations.
This is not a craft blog, or a photography blog. It is mostly just whatever I feel like at the time: book reviews, classical music, poetry, complaining, opinions, and yes, photos of chickens! I have 25 chickens, one Muscovy duck, sheep, and one annoying goat.

*because it's French for 'left bank'; I'm assuming a river bank.

I try to update this blog reasonably often, while attempting to receive an education which of course comes first.

On the next question!

What's the nerdiest/geekiest/weirdest thing about you?

Um...everything? I'm not a geek, or a nerd, per say, but when it comes to all-out weirdness....
I guess I could say my irrational hatred of incorrect use of semi-colons, commas, and apostrophe's, as well as punctuation-less anything, mostly when it comes from those that are perfectly capable of correction. Nothing makes this walking thesaurus more irritated!

I really like mythology and history too, not sure if that makes one geeky or not.

My encyclopedic knowledge of domestic animal breeds could count too.


 If you could live in a fictional universe from any book, movie, or television show, what would it be?
I honestly don't know....what's wrong with  Earth? Free air and free salvation, even if nothing else is. 

Do you like animated movies?

Not really. Only a select few, like Dumbo (from the 1930s) and violent Looney Tunes cartoons!

What is your favorite household chore?


Waffles or pancakes?

Either one, as long as they are fluffy and aren't drowned in syrup.

Do you like to play games?

Not really, except for Apples to Apples, which is the funniest post-modern game ever!
And dodgeball and air hockey.

Have you ever let anyone win a game?

Yes, but I can't remember who and when or why.

Have you ever dyed your hair?

Yes, a blue highlight, but it didn't work, unfortunately...

Do you make your bed every morning?

Who? Me?? Of course not!

Picasso or Norman Rockwell?

Norman Rockwell. I like his whimsical and nostalgic portraits of American life a long time ago.

I'm not really a big fan of Picasso's works, although they sure are interesting!

Do you like hardwood, tile or carpet floors?

Hardwood all the way--carpets get covered with dog hair, and tiles get too cold, although they are beautiful. I think I'll put a tile mosaic on the floor of my first house.

If you could put one thing in a safe under your bed, what would it be?

I don't know. Money? Important documents? A dirty sock? <---what really is underneath my bed right now. 

What's your favorite condiment?

Homemade ketchup, or horseradish. I usually eat foods plain though. 

Have you ever thrown up on someone?

Yuck, of course not. 

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

C'mon, can't you guess by now that I have a poor memory for such things? 
Probably Yarael Poof though (an somewhat unimportant and short-lived Jedi Master; doesn't he look like a cross between E.T. and the aliens from War of the Worlds???)

Think fast...whats the first song that pops into your head?

"Think of Me" from the Phantom of the Opera, since I was singing it this morning. After that, either random Gilbert and Sullivan, or "Dust in the Wind". What can I say....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
So, that is it..and this is a cool idea!

~ Diana 

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  1. Apples to Apples is a very fun game!
    I really enjoy playing it and getting to know others by playing it!

    Have a great day!


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