Monday, September 19

my day

What a lovely Katahdin.
The wide, wide world is so full of so many, many things (yes, I feel it is necessary to repeat myself) and yet I haven't been able to think of a subject on which to blog.
I don't want to merely tell my readers about my life, and opinions, but would like to stimulate their minds. I also want to exorcise any discussion of 
smiley faces, crushes, "boys" in general (OMG!!!) or country music from ever be-dewing these beautiful pure white pixels.

Today for school I read a biography on George Fox, who founded the Society of Friends, known to most laymen as the Quakers.
He was in himself, judging from this short bio, a peculiar and interesting man. Obviously stubborn, and probably also blessed with that capacity some people have of being so strongly embedded in their principles they can't see anyone else's. Yet this can also be a good thing.
I also looked up modern day Quakerism and found this and this. Interesting indeed!

Excitement excepting unpleasant ones such as finding that the sheep refuse to enter their fence has been served up in limited quantities here. Several members of this household, namely my brother and mother, are ill, thus rendering them grouchy, tired and sick and altogether unfit for human consumption! Yet we shoulder on....

I have been doing a bunch of reading on my Kindle. I am reading the Emily trilogy by L.M. Montgomery, and am finding them more enjoyable than Anne of Green Gables. The Emily books are more sophisticated, darker, and Emily is interesting herself. I loved Ilse, her b.f.f., and her hilarious epithets in the first book. Lastly, I completely agree with Emily as regards to poetry: Keats is indeed TOO sweet (I found him mostly incomprehensible, excepting this poem which is great) and as for Idylls of the King by Tennyson, Arthur is too perfect, and Guinevere is stupid as "Lancelot is odious." I agree with J.R.R. Tolkien who though the King Arthur tales were immoral and Frenchified. I do like some of Tennyson's other work though, "Crossing the Bar" is a fine example.

And as for music, I have been stuck in a rut listening to Beethoven's piano concertos 4 + 5 over and over--I already knew them well, and their beauty is comforting. And you should read this essay about classical  music. Taking a cue from the list at the end of it, I listened to part of Mozart's 40th symphony on Youtube the other day--it was great!

Us classical music enthusiasts have a hard time out there in the 'real' world. If we are adult we are treated like high-society snobs, and if we are younger like myself we are just "weird". Oh well!
There is nothing particularly wonderful about being "weird (unquote) but if the weirdness is a fine, upstanding thing and nothing to be ashamed of, who cares? 
Anyway, remember Life is a Gift, so enjoy it, use it, and do not be ashamed of what other people think!!!

Today was Talk like a Pirate day. Arrghh.

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