Tuesday, August 16


Salutations-and-hello, das Leser, for the delinquent blogger hath returned! 

I didn't really write anything significant yesterday; I had spent the morning thinking about Julius Caesar for no particular reason, so I decided to share with you Shakespeare's speech by Mark Antony. (For a good biography of J.C., I must refer you to the honorable Plutarch's succinct writings.)  
I was shopping today with die Mutter and der Bruder in preparation for my birthday on Thursday (!) and am now the proud possessor of an absolutely lovely pair of jade earrings, a beaded pair, also lovely, and a new pair of extremely-expensive-but-superior Apple earphones for my borrowed iPod touch (long story you don't need to know) amongst other less exciting and more useful items. \

Tomorrow my dear childhood friend, known to the world as Sarah, is coming up for a much belated visit. So, yay, as any modern teenager in this day and age might remark, following the simple statement with a string of exclamation points:  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving on, I would like to inform you of two facts:

a) The known physical universe is (currently~) estimated to have only about 10 to the seventy-ninth exponent number of atoms in it. Wow. I really needed to know that!

b) I have been working on some truly fascinating craft projects lately: wire initials bent out of aluminum fencing wire with which to decorate my bedroom walls (haven't put them up yet though) and some felt rings from a kit which came with an impulse buy (financed by my D.M., yet again. I spent my money on hay.) of the latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine. An inspiring British crafting magazine, if preposterously overpriced. 
I can hear a rabid crowd of people screaming "What?!? No photos?!" Sadly, I have none at this time.

...So, I depart, but not without imparting to you another completely useless bit of information: fish cough. 

Will post on more serious topics after my birthday. Auf weidersehn! ! !

:frow :frow :frow :frow :frow :frow :frow :frow :frow :frow :frow :frow :frow :frow :frow

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  1. Hey, Diana!(: Happy early birthday!
    E-mail me ASAP. - Mary S.


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