Sunday, June 26


Sundays here are pretty quiet.....excepting the Silkie chicks....
 And the dog...........................
 And assorted "baaas" and "MAAAAAAs" from the sheepish ladies and Billy goat. Sadie is sitting next to him here. Sheep make awesome weedwhackers!!!
Amelia the sheep chewing cud. She ruined the day-lilies next to the door because I put the electronet fence too close to it.

......A Mack truck. Wow, maybe Sundays aren't so quiet after all!
No, I'm just kidding. The Mack truck photo was from a local parade.

"So God created...every winged bird according to its kind." Genesis 1:21.

Actually, the original ancestors of the chicken God created was a type of pheasant from the Galliformes family: the Junglefowl. These are small, light bodied birds which were domesticated by man bred to produce many eggs and for a meatier frame. Today there are thousands of chicken breeds in every color, shape, and size, from the adorably tiny Serama bantam from Malaysia to the giant Brahmas from India to the gamefowl of Asia.

This particular chick, shown above, is a Silkie bantam of the Partridge color variety.

The trait which distinguishes Silkies from other chickens is their hair-like feathers, black meat, beaks, and skin, dark eyes, and blue earlobes. These darlings of the poultry show world were first bred by the ancient Chinese, who were expert poultry breeders. Marco Polo saw them when he was in the area!

Today, Silkies are a lot fluffier than the originals were. They are not good layers but are wonderful mamas and also make terrific pets due to their docile and sweet disposition. You can see some photos on my website where I have a page devoted to them. :)

Wow, I never meant to post that much! Have a great week!