Monday, January 23

It's the Avengers! {guest post by David}

A lot of us are excited for the Avengers movie coming out on May 4th of this year. Since some of us don't know who Hawkeye (Clint Barton) is, I'll explain that here.

 As with most superheroes, Clint's parents die while he is a young age. He and his brother Bernard (AKA Barney) are sent to a orphanage, and then they both run away to a circus, Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders), where he was trained by "Trickshot" (Buck Chilholn) and and the first "Swordsman" (Jacques Duquesene).

He sees Swordsman robbing from the circus, and Clint is asked to join him but he refuses and has a fight with him, which Clint loses and is left for dead. He then wanders around the country, until one day he sees Ironman in battle and is inspired to fight crime.

Clint decides to use the persona Hawkeye, but is mistaken for a criminal and ends up fighting Ironman. Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff, who is then working as villain) convinces him to join her so she can kill Ironman (Diana wishes she would have!).

But while in the act of doing so he changes his mind. He then decides he want to be an Avenger and breaks into the "Avenger mansion" in the hopes that he can join; Ironman vouches for him and he becomes an Avenger.
The movie seems to have changed the his history a bit, however.

As with other Marvel films, it will probably have a sneak peak to a film coming out next year.
Prophecy: at the end of The Avengers there will be a sneak peak to The Wolverine!

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Thanks to Diana for letting me guest post!  

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Thanks for guest posting, David!
Love ya, can't wait until MAY 4TH!
~ Your sister

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