Wednesday, January 4

guest post by Savanna

Hey! I'm Savanna, you may know me from my main blog Pandas, Lightsabers and Cameras, oh my!! Diana kindly asked me to do a special guest post for her. Obviously, I accepted this honor. Today I'm going to talk about how I got into blogging and why I love Star Wars so much.

In May of 2011, I joined The Lakehouse Forums and became very well acquainted with the group of girls over there. Almost everyone on TLF had blogs and discussed Star Wars on their blogs. In June, I decided to join the pack and create one to keep up with all the girls and talk about my favorite things in life. My good friend Fallon suggested the name "Pandas, Lightsabers and Cameras, oh my" because I love each of those things so much. In the beginning, I just wrote about silly things in my life and complete randomness. After reading more professional blogs, I soon realized that my random blogging was dumb. It didn't express my personality correctly.

I sent out emails to a few different voice-actors and actresses from The Clone Wars in early August. Since I'm such a big Star Wars fan, I thought it would be fun to ask them some of my questions and make an interview post. My first interview success was with the voice of Ahsoka Tano and creator of Her Universe, Ashley Eckstein. It was such a joy to hear directly from her. As of right now, I've completed 11 interviews with various actors, voice-overs, and artists involved with Star Wars.

Through these interviews and other frequent posts, my blog has become more "professional" with just enough of my personality in there. Blogging has taught me so many great qualities. I've learned how to be patient during the interview process, kind to others when I get nasty comments, and overall...just a really happy person. I love meeting people in the world of blogging that share the same interests as myself. Since I've gotten such positive feedback from awesome people like Diana, I'll probably be blogging for a very long time.

Now, to the more interesting question....why do I like Star Wars? Well, as Fallon once said, "what's not to like?  I mean, COME ON!  Heroes with dysfunctional families in SPACE???  How can you be human and NOT like that?!" She's very right with that statement but I also love the saga because it's so pure. Good, clean fun and adventure. I was raised on these movies so they hold a dear place in my heart. Star Wars also inspires me to dream big, like Luke Skywalker. He was just a simple farmboy in Episode IV but became a powerful Jedi by the time Episode VI was finished. Plus, all the different characters and planets are fun to explore. My all time favorite character is Cad Bane, from The Clone Wars. His Western gunslinger look is just simply epic. I also like Han Solo for the similar reason...since he is a scoundrel. 

Well, that wraps up this guest post. I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me, my love for blogging, and Star Wars. Don't forget to check out Pandas, Lightsabers and Cameras, oh my for all of this and more! God bless and may the force be with you. 

Thank you so much, Savanna!  I really appreciate you taking the time to write all this. :D
To any lurking readers, if you would like to do a guest post  shoot me an email at dilbertina(at)gmail(dot)com.
~ Diana

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  1. Beautiful post Savanna!!!! FINALLY some NON-HATE for Luke. ;) Way to go you. <3

    I love your Blog Diana!!!! <3333


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