Saturday, December 3

screenshots are dangerous things...

 ...In the wrong hands.

 See my new haircut? Webcams are fun.

Me and Molly: aww.

I'd make a wonderful dictator-of-the-world/supreme potentate/empress!

I have no aspirations to be a movie star.

And now for some random screenshots!

Lego Star wars--what can  I say. I have a brother.
Cute little Lego Anakin Skywalker  before he grows up to be a whiny , self-center galaxy wrecker, and be in  the Worst Star wars Movie, aka the Phantom Menace.
Awesome looking penguins!
My little sister's new blog:
Dangerous jellyfish. JELLYFISH. (bum bum bum bum, bum bum) JELLY FISH. Jellyfish. Jelly Fish. Take some jelly, take  fish...
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  1. Cute haircut! :D

    And LOL, now we all know what operating system your computer uses. :P


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