Thursday, November 3

prayers please

Salvete amici Latinae,
I could really use some prayers right now. I am going through a miserable time, which isn't anyone's fault but my own, so please pray for me.
It is always hard for me to share things; we all want to give the allusion of suave coolness; but underneath we are all sinners.

Thank you! :-)

On a lighter note:
• My silkie hen hatched out two adorable chicks; will post photos tomorrow!
• I'd like to do a Classic Book review and poetry link-up thing--I will start by posting and adding a button you can copy to your own blog. Interested, anyone?

Hmm....I am posting from my iPod so let me see if I have any cool photos...
A Sharpie ad? I do love sharpies! (If anyone's wondering what to get me for Christmas...)

Adios, Diana

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