Saturday, November 26

decadence: the legacy of our age

Last night I got the inestimable privilege of a glimpse of one of Lady Gaga's concerts. Obviously we switched channels before much time passed but I have some thoughts to share....


This woman, who isn't really that wonderful a singer, was wearing next to nothing (don't ask) with revolting-looking fish-net stockings.  Idiotic suggestive motions and loud ear-drum-breaking music to accompany her, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Decadence. It was one of the symptoms of the dying Roman Empire. Good and virtuous people willing to be quiet, and fade into the collapsing backbone of a once-great country. So, while the freedoms are being chipped away from this backbone, the mass becomes distracted, like an infant, with vapid and soft amusements. Instead of seeking to stamp out evil, as anyone who has ever accomplished anything good has done, we become comfortable with it, and the depraved sin of our own souls. "Well, maybe it's not so bad."

This translates to decadence, softness, childishness, and obsession with ourselves, with things that don't matter at all in the long run. (Read: surreal political-correctness) 

What a world I have to grow up in!

If God didn't love us still, we would be in so much trouble!

Sorry, I was going to make this post longer, but got distracted by the Star Wars crawl fun...

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

Auf weidersehn....
~ Diana


  1. Hi Diana! I just got your comment on my blog and thanks so much for your compliment on my header! It took me hours before I finished it. Ha!

    Also, you asked what bokeh is? Bokeh is simply an out of focus image that is blurred. It is rather complicated to explain thoroughly, so here little tutorial that will help:

  2. Thank you for commenting! :)
    That is pretty awesome! My brother has a Nikon Coolpix P500 so he may be able to try it.


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