Tuesday, October 18

o blogger where hast thou been?

Never fear, mine honorable and glorious readers, your truly hath returned!

~  ~ ~  ~  ~ ~  ~

I have been ruminating about several things during the past two days or so.
I am considering starting a classical music newsletter, to encourage young people to enjoy classical music. I don't know if I will though...

Speaking of which, I was listening to the Planets by Holst, which was a pretty neat piece of music. You can download them for free here. I like Jupiter the best, and Neptune because it sounds so sci-fi-ish. (if I may coin a word!)

Oh and I read War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells last Saturday! Scary, but I do like a good antiquated sci-fi novel. Much better than antiquated (think 1950s) sci-fi movies. 

I am working on this song right now. "O sleep" from the opera Semele by Handel. (Semele was one of Zeus's lovers in Greek mythology, who ended up as a cinder, and was the mother of Bacchus, aka Dionysius, the god of wine. Not whine)

goodbye! This was an incredibly unimpressive post.


  1. If I may say so, thou art a genius! I think a classical music newsletter would be soooooo cool! You could have a "composer spotlight" section with a brief biography of a well-known (or lesser-known; that would be cool!) composer.... A "Piece of the month"... Links to websites with cool articles about music. Histories of instruments.... The possibilities are ENDLESS!! *Does her happy dance* Let me know if you go through with it!

  2. I do too--but I am still thinking about it. Would you be interested in helping put one together? I need a cattle prod to get me to do anything!

  3. I would be glad to help! :D And I have plenty of cattle prods... Well, big sticks, anyway. I usually use them on the cattle, anyway. :P


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