Saturday, September 3

button quail

I am now the proud possessor of a juvenile pair of Button quail, which is slang for the coturnix chinensis, Chinese Painted Quail, or  Excalfactoria chinensis. These diminutive birds, being less than 4" long full grown, are ground dwelling quail originally from a tropical country, as they cannot endure less than 60* weather.   
They are fascinating creatures, which being so small serve very little practical purposes, being bred in captivity mainly for pets, amusement or entertainment.   As a farmer, I prefer not to accumulate useless, inedible and frivolous pets, but these quails were too cute to pass up, and they cost next to nothing to keep. 
I deigned to name them since they aren't going to be eaten. 
Meet "Pyramus" and Thisbe", so named after an old Greek myth, which can be read here.
Thisbe, the female:

 And the male, Pyramus.

For more information about Button Quail.....

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