Saturday, August 13


Except for the very hard-working and industrious, most of us have felt boredom at one time or another. I would define boredom as an absence of purpose; or else as unfocused energy.  Much of it, now that I stop to think, probably stems from thinking about ourselves too much. Everyone does it: it is a natural by-product of sin in our hearts, the capital of which is ugly, ubiquitous pride. By that sin fell the angels. Yet it is the root and center of all other sins. How can we stop it?!?! Maybe we should make more of an effort to help, actually listen to, and really try to know other people. This would cure the BOREDOM effectually, replacing it with mental stretching. 
(This is one of my problems.  I tend to ignore other people.Truthfully, many of them bore me. I shall have to make more of an effort to help others and think less about myself.)
Another function of this might be to try to cheer people up and entertain them on a completely boring day. This mat not sound like as much mental work as listening to people, but it certainly CAN be.
We can't accomplish this. Heck, we can hardly do anything. But God can. Everything we can ever accomplish is through Him. [Notice I capitalized the Him. *snarky voice* So there!]

[Hmm. I am trying to cure my own boredom by writing a short piece about boredom. Interesting redundancy there.]

Anyway, if you are still bored after reading this somewhat boring post, you may want to watch Drip along Daffy, a nice violent and classic Looney Tunes spoofing cowboys.


"I don't think necessity is the mother of invention. Invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness - to save oneself trouble."
- Agatha Christie


Expect a nice long and comprehensive post about the American school system and how it is failing us within the next couple weeks or so....right now I am looking forward to my birthday, which will fall on next Thursday. At this moment I am suffering from a small amount of depression combined with exhaustion, so I will get back to ya. Being a human being can be difficult at times....we straddle two worlds, the unseen and the physical. 

Auf weidersehn.

~ Diana

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