Saturday, July 16


"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." 
~T. Jefferson
< Get it? A shoe=foothold

You may have guess by now that I'm quite fond of quoting at all/any occasions. 
And I'm well read enough that I can do that....if I remember the quote.

I am also fully aware that the title of this post is extremely unimaginative and 
lame. So be it. Inspiration failed me.

This afternoon I am attempting to make Lamingtons, a small cake dipped in chocolate and coconut, which I am told is an extremely popular baked good in Australia.  Sounded good to me! They should be good. No photos today, unfortunately. *fans throw rotten tomatoes at me*

Enough about the cooking. Personally, I prefer eating to cooking, even though the latter certainly is a good skill and can be exhilarating ! Mostly, it is the cleaning up part I object to.

"I accept refreshment at any hands, however lowly." ~ W.S. Gilbert

Adios! Now go off the computer and go outside!


  1. Propaganda in a wearable art form!! What's next, Obama slogans on bananas?

    You will post the recipe for those delicious sounding desserts, won't you? Pleeeaaaase?

  2. Recipe is in the And yes, they WERE delicious, if a royal pain to make....think liquidy chocolate frosting and coconut all over the kitchen.....

  3. whats wrong with that??? :P

  4. Obama stole Bob the Builder's slogan, and I hate him for that. Is he so uncreative he has to steal from a children's cartoon?


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