Saturday, July 2

addition to the farm.....

It's a DUCK!  This little duckling was abandoned by his mother after a fox ravaged his or her siblings. He is one week old, and doesn't have a name yet.

 This duckling is a Muscovy duck, which means he/her will hiss rather than quack, and be able to fly quite well if I don't take precautionary measures in the form of wing trimming. Muscovies are also a distinct species separate from the other duck breeds which are descended from Mallard ducks. These ducks were domesticated from the wild Muscovy, an elusive tree-nesting duck from South/Central America's jungles. 

 This photo is rated PG-13 for extreme cuteness overload. Just kidding!
Muscovies, or as they are affectionately known as, 'Scovies, like most ducks possess webbed feet. But their claws are bigger and their legs stronger than Mallard-derived breeds because of their tree-nesting tendencies. This also means they can scratch you, so care should be taken when handling these fascinating ducks.

I'll write more tomorrow. I didn't feel like writing something particularly witty, deep, or philosophical so I decided to inform my readers about the DUCK!

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